Thursday, January 25, 2024

Ambush the Imps

We will need to take out the Security guard on the platform. Someone should be near him.

We can use stun grenades and stun the whole lot of them when the Imps and their hostage disembark. (no launcher)

This keeps the fire-fight to a minimum.

We need transport. The speeder bikes wont work with the target and the hostages for a get-away. We need a speeder of some kind that can hold all of us. Possibly have it at the taxi port area. It might be a real taxi or it could be something else.

We also need to have the transponder changed too. That way we can just get off planet fast and into Hyperspace.

Jump should be pre programmed.

The mission was successful. The hostages were rescued. The Imps dispatched. And the Hero’s got away.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Other Alter Powers for Cam

Cell Burst
Alter Difficulty: Easy => organic material
Moderate => inorganic material
*modified by Proximity

WARNING: Use of this power against a living creature awards a Dark Side Point. Use with caution.

Effect: Disrupts the cells in matter causing 4D damage.


Alter difficulty: Difficult
Time to use: Two rounds
This power may be kept up.
Effect: Using this power, a Jedi reaches out through the Force, slowing down the molecules around an object, drawing heat away from it, and causing its temperature to drop rapidly. Generally, this has the benefit of making an object more brittle and prone to damage.
In game terms, a Jedi may select one object within 20 meters and within line of sight. If the alter roll succeeds, then the body strength of the object is decreased by -1D (minimum 1D). For every +10 the Jedi beats the alter difficulty, the body strength decreases an additional -1D.
If the Jedi selects a living being as the object, the being is not immediately frozen, as would an inanimate object which does not produce its own heat. Rather, the living being takes 4D+2 damage, and the Jedi receives an immediate Dark Side Point. Should the target become frozen to the point of death, then the body will become completely frozen and more brittle.
Source: Jedi Academy Training Manual (page 25)


Alter Difficulty: Difficult
Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy

This power may be kept “up.”

Effect: This power is used to extend a field of energy around a melee weapon to create the effects of a “light” weapon. When used on a sword, the blade becomes infused with energy and has all the properties of a lightsaber (able to parry lightsabers, can be used with Lightsaber Combat, able to parry blaster bolts, etc.), except damage is reduced to 4D (and like a true lightsaber, the strength of the user makes no difference to the damage). The power has similar affects on daggers, staffs, axes, etc.


Force Bolt
Control Difficulty:
Moderate => Spray (1/2 Range & Damage)
Difficult => Normal Blaster
Very Difficult => Laser Torch (Cutting)

Sense Difficulty:
As per blaster skill.

Alter Difficulty:
Very Easy => 2D Dmg
Easy => 3D Dmg
Moderate => 4D Dmg
Difficult => 5D Dmg
Very Diff => 6D Dmg
Heroic => 7D Dmg
Heroic +10=> 8D Dmg Etc.
Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy

Effect: The Jedi focuses the force into a coherent blast of energy with the same properties of a blaster (i.e. it can be reflected by a lightsaber). Control is used to call forth the power and determine how well defined the blast is. Use Sense as if it was your Blaster skill and Alter dictates the damage (see above). As with most force powers, the skill in itself is not evil, therefore a character does not take a Dark Side Point just for using it. Its *how* a Jedi uses the power that matters.


Force Flight
Alter Difficulty: Equal to the number of meters the Jedi wishes to move himself (20 meters maximum).

Required Powers:Concentration, Telekinesis

Effect: Using this power instead of walking, a Force-user can physically move himself a number of meters either horizontally or vertically. The difficulty of the Alter roll for this ability is equal to the number of meters that the Jedi wishes to move himself, but under no circumstances can the distance be greater than 20 meters. If the Force-user has not landed by the end of the round, he may suffer falling damage (GM’s discretion).


Reshape Material
Alter Difficulty: Easy for liquid material; Moderate for malleable material; Difficult for hard material; Very Difficult for dense material.

Required Power: Telekinesis

Note: This power cannot be used against living matter.

Time to Use: 1 round

Effect: This power allows the Jedi to mold a volume of matter to a new shape. The Jedi must be touching the material to be reshaped. The effects of this power is permanent unless the Jedi chooses to reshape the material back to the original form.

Increase the difficulty one level and the time to use one round for every cubic meter affected over the first.


Strengthen/Weaken Material
Strengthen Object

Alter Difficulty: Moderate = +3D
Difficult = +4D
Very Diff = +5D
Heroic = +6D to +8D depending on roll

Size modifiers: up to 1/4 cubic meter = +0
1 cubic meter = +10
2 cubic meters = +20
4 cubic meters = +30

Required Powers: Telekinesis
This power may be “kept up.”
Effect: This power strengthens and reinforces the structure of an object. Some Jedi have discovered that is can also be used to weaken objects in a similar manner. Using the Force, the Jedi reinforces the inter- and intra-molecular bonds in the object. The object has the same density (more or less), volume, and mass as before, but it takes more energy to break the bonds holding the object together. This is a relatively basic skill and is usually taught early in a Jedi’s studies. This reinforcement strengthens the object versus shearing forces, stress, or isintegration/disassociation by high energies. Thus, a 1D staff Strengthened at the Very Difficult level would now have a Strength of 6D–enough to resist a lightsaber, most of the time. NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT EFFECT THE OBJECT’S ABILIY TO DO DAMAGE! Just increases it’s resistance to breakage or destruction. And severely limits chemical reactions (such as oxidation).

This Force Power may be used on living matter. However, because the various enzymatic and chemical reactions, and protein interactions in living tissue are strongly inhibited, use of this Force Power on living tissue is very damaging. For example: Oxygen (or other vital gases) no longer disassociates from carrier molecules, causing oxygen-starvation. Hormones and neurotransmitters will not disassociate from receptor proteins. Blood cells will coagulate on the blood vessel walls. DNA strands cannot be separated for transcription to RNA–thus halting protein synthesis. There are very few organisms that can withstand such inhibition of chemical reactions. Use of this Power on living tissue is thus grounds for a DARK Side Point.



Alter Difficulty:
Easy => small objects
Moderate => for droids and computers
Difficult => Speeder scale
Very Diff => Walker scale
Heroic => Starfighter scale

Warning: Using this power causes the user to get a Dark Side point.
Time to Use: 3 Minutes
Effect: When a Jedi uses this power he uses the Force to overload the target’s circuits and causes it to explode. Everything in the immediate blast radius takes 5d damage.


Warp Matter
Alter Difficulty: Easy => liquid matter
Moderate => malleable matter
Difficult => hard matter (metal, wood)
Very Diff => very dense matter (hulls, reinforced metal walls), gases;
modifiers: 1 cubic cm => +0
1 liter/1000 cubic cm => +10
1 cubic meter => +25
10 cubic meter => +35

Required Power: Telekinesis

Time To Use: 1-12 rounds, scaled by difficulty number.

Note: This power will not work and cannot be used against living matter.

Effect: This power allows the Jedi to mold a volume of matter to anew shape. The Jedi must be able to touch some part of the object to be molded. This power does not destroy the matter, it merely changes it’s shape or position (much like a very advanced telekinesis). The effect is permanent. This Jedi is literally changing the world around them. This power coaxes millions of atoms and molecules to move controlling each particle. The fact that it is easier for the Jedi to affect the volume of matter as a whole rather than as distinct particles is reflected in the harder difficulty of managing gases with this power as opposed to some solids or liquids.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Cam becomes Zeison Sha

Once Cam becomes a Zeison Sha he will have the following Force Skills
Control 5D
Sense 5D+2
Alter 3D

He will get these Force Powers:

Force Push (Alter)
Cost - 2
Alter 3D+1

Injure/Kill (Alter)
Cost - 2
Alter 3D+2

Enhanced Attribute (Control)
Cost - 8
Control 5D+1

Force Jump (Control + Alter)
Cost - 10
Control 5D+2
Alter 4D

Absorb/Dissipate Energy (Control)
Cost - 8
Control 6D

Inflict Pain [/b}(Control + Alter)
Cost - 12
Control 6D+1
Alter 4D+1

[b]Lessor Force Shield (Sense + Alter)
Cost - 11
Sense 6D
Alter 4D+2

Projected Fighting (Control + Sense + Alter)
Cost - 21
Control 6D+2
Sense 6D+1
Alter 5D

Control Mind (Control + Sense + Alter)
Cost - 22
Control 7D
Sense 6D+2
Alter 5D+1

Telekinetic Kill (Control + Sense + Alter)
Cost - 24
Control 7D+1
Sense 7D
Alter 5D+2

Once these Powers are acquired Cam’s Force Skills will be:
Control 7D+1
Sense 7D
Alter 5D+2

Cam’s Force Powers to Acquire

Cam Furstan a Deryni within Star Wars d6

These are his current Force Skills:
Control 4D
Sense 4D+2
Alter 2D+2

He has five more Force powers that are natural to the Deryni before he changes his Force study into another discipline.

Sense Force (Sense)
Cost - 4
Sense 5D

Remove Fatigue (Control)
Cost - 4
Control 4D+1

Force Tracking (Sense)
Cost - 5
Sense 5D+1

Control Breathing (Control + Alter)
Cost - 6
Control 4D+2
Alter 3D

Perfect Telepathy (Control + Sense)
Cost - 9
Control 5D
Sense 5D+2

Once these powers are acquired Cam’s Force Skills will be:
Control 5D
Sense 5D+2
Alter 3D