Thursday, January 11, 2024

Cam becomes Zeison Sha

Once Cam becomes a Zeison Sha he will have the following Force Skills
Control 5D
Sense 5D+2
Alter 3D

He will get these Force Powers:

Force Push (Alter)
Cost - 2
Alter 3D+1

Injure/Kill (Alter)
Cost - 2
Alter 3D+2

Enhanced Attribute (Control)
Cost - 8
Control 5D+1

Force Jump (Control + Alter)
Cost - 10
Control 5D+2
Alter 4D

Absorb/Dissipate Energy (Control)
Cost - 8
Control 6D

Inflict Pain [/b}(Control + Alter)
Cost - 12
Control 6D+1
Alter 4D+1

[b]Lessor Force Shield (Sense + Alter)
Cost - 11
Sense 6D
Alter 4D+2

Projected Fighting (Control + Sense + Alter)
Cost - 21
Control 6D+2
Sense 6D+1
Alter 5D

Control Mind (Control + Sense + Alter)
Cost - 22
Control 7D
Sense 6D+2
Alter 5D+1

Telekinetic Kill (Control + Sense + Alter)
Cost - 24
Control 7D+1
Sense 7D
Alter 5D+2

Once these Powers are acquired Cam’s Force Skills will be:
Control 7D+1
Sense 7D
Alter 5D+2