Thursday, January 11, 2024

Cam’s Force Powers to Acquire

Cam Furstan a Deryni within Star Wars d6

These are his current Force Skills:
Control 4D
Sense 4D+2
Alter 2D+2

He has five more Force powers that are natural to the Deryni before he changes his Force study into another discipline.

Sense Force (Sense)
Cost - 4
Sense 5D

Remove Fatigue (Control)
Cost - 4
Control 4D+1

Force Tracking (Sense)
Cost - 5
Sense 5D+1

Control Breathing (Control + Alter)
Cost - 6
Control 4D+2
Alter 3D

Perfect Telepathy (Control + Sense)
Cost - 9
Control 5D
Sense 5D+2

Once these powers are acquired Cam’s Force Skills will be:
Control 5D
Sense 5D+2
Alter 3D