Thursday, January 25, 2024

Ambush the Imps

We will need to take out the Security guard on the platform. Someone should be near him.

We can use stun grenades and stun the whole lot of them when the Imps and their hostage disembark. (no launcher)

This keeps the fire-fight to a minimum.

We need transport. The speeder bikes wont work with the target and the hostages for a get-away. We need a speeder of some kind that can hold all of us. Possibly have it at the taxi port area. It might be a real taxi or it could be something else.

We also need to have the transponder changed too. That way we can just get off planet fast and into Hyperspace.

Jump should be pre programmed.

The mission was successful. The hostages were rescued. The Imps dispatched. And the Hero’s got away.